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 Record A Rosary
 Who We Are...

-We are a Catholic family with a heart for prayer and devotion to our Blessed Mother. 


 -We have been married for 36 years. 

-We are the blessed parents of 4 children and the beyond-blessed grandparents of 8 - soon to be 9!




  1. Download & Use :

    Record, playback, and pray with a loved one (or ones).

  2. Share :

    Tell your family & friends about this unique and special way to pray.

  3. Visit :           the Catholic Relief Services website to get involved or to donate.

End Result:

Pray the Rosary with a voice(s) you love.

Choose who you will listen to, and pray with at any time.  You can also decide if you would like

the musical or non-musical version.  When you choose the musical version, you will hear soft, reverent music in the background during the decades and the Fatima prayer and Hail Holy Queen

prayer sung.  

Create a Personalized Rosary   


Step 2:

Record each prayer just once.

Once you decide who you want to record, have them pray each prayer just one time. The Rosary app will integrate the recorded prayers into a beautiful and very personal Rosary to use as a daily prayer.  

Step 1:

Decide who will record.

Choose one or more of your loved ones to record.  You can preserve the precious voice of a child, a parent, grandparent, or anyone.  You can even record yourself.  The Rosary app has a shuffling feature that allows you to choose to pray with just one voice or multiple voices.